There are many reasons why people will put on wigs; health, cultural, religious or fashion. There are all varieties of wigs for men and women but in some cases people want to cover their bald heads. There are those who today choose to wear wigs for simply aesthetic reasons so as to enhance their personal looks. If your wig is placed professionally it can actually look natural and not many people will get to realize you are putting on one.

While there are several ways to fasten a wig in place, there are simple steps when if followed, will make them look like the wearer’s natural hair and will also feel comfortable on the person wearing it. You can choose to buy your wig from a wig retailer, a hair stylist or if you have the time to wait for delivery, buy online from sources such as eBay.

Wigs are worn to either hide your baldness or over your hair and they are basically designed to look as natural as possible on your head. They are normally manufactured from different materials that include synthetic materials, animal hair and human hair. There are people who wear wigs as a result of losing hair following some medical conditions like alopecia while others lose their hair following some treatment procedures like chemotherapy. On the other hand, majority of women wear them because they make them look attractive or different from their usual selves. Wigs are also worn as a form of costume for television, theatre or any specific event one may want to attend.

Types of wigs: Wigs come in different types and shapes and there are a number of variations through which they can be constructed. When it comes to bases, there are basically three types of wig bases; full lace, partial lace and non lace wigs. All these come in different price and quality ranges with every one of them having their pros and cons.

Full lace wigs: Full lace wigs are almost always used in making human hair wigs as well as a few synthetic wigs. These ones look natural and they have sufficient breathing space. One advantage they have is that they look natural and can be parted anywhere on the wig and because they are normally light they feel comfortable to the wearer. You can actually style them into ponytail or even braid them. However, apart from being quite expensive, they actually wear out much easily.

Partial lace wigs: Partial lace wigs normally have a lace in front of the hairline with some baby hairs attached to it making them give what resembles a natural hair line; someone will actually think you have new hair growing on your scalp. These wigs are more durable because of the material used to make them.

None lace wigs: These wigs are made of polyester and microfilament or some nylon material that is sued to fasten them to the head. These ones are quite affordable, more versatile and durable.

Wig strands: The hair on the wig can be made of different materials and the material they are made of will determine what they cost. Take time to choose what best fits your style and pocket; when they are attached professionally, you will definitely love your new look.


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