In the service industry, contractors have to do a lot of things right in order to be successful. One of the most important things service industry professionals, like plumbers, have to do well is communicate. This does not just mean that they have to speak well. Instead, it means that they have to learn how to treat a customer from start to finish, keeping them constantly informed, in the loop, and making sure they understand everything that they should understand in order for them to be happy with their service.

First off, plumbers need to be able to communicate price. Coming up with a proper bidding system helps plumbers show up to a potential customer’s home, bid a job, and leave knowing that the customer fully understands what the job entails and how much it will cost to do it properly.

Plumbers also need to be able to communicate a timeline. If they get hired on for a job, they need to be able to properly show the customer that the job will be completed on this specific date, and what will happen if it’s not completed then.

Problems often arise when working on a home’s plumbing. So technicians need to be able to tell a customer what happened, whose fault it is, and what needs to be done about it.

Another part of good communication is creating a paper trail. Within a Β Plumber Elderslie own files should be the initial bid, any receipts for supplies, documentation of labor, contracts, receipts etc. By keeping these and being able to provide them, they are showing that they value organization and are able to communicate that through their actions.

Finally, plumbers need to be able to show gratitude for their customers’ business. Showing that gratitude often yields testimonials which help to land new business from referrals. This gratitude can come in the form of a follow-up phone call, email, or a piece of mail that comes directly to their mailbox.

Want to be successful in the service industry? Learn to communicate! Set up a great bidding system, learn how to set and meet timelines, prepare for problems that will happen while on the job, keep good documentation, and show gratitude to your customers. Do all of these things and, without a doubt, your company will start to flourish. When you learn to properly communicate all of these things, there is no stopping the success you can attain.


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