Drug addiction is one of the gravest dangers being faced by mankind. The war against drugs is fought in two different levels. Governments around the globe are trying to cut production and supply of drugs, while enlightened souls amongst us are trying to educate people about its pitfalls and trying to pull up those unfortunate souls who have already fallen into this quagmire by way of drug addiction treatment.

Medicated drug addiction treatment has been in vogue for decades. But they could not achieve the desired success levels. Recent researches have opened doors for drug-free and natural Xanax Withdrawal drug addiction treatment methods. The most prominent find here is the Narconon method, which advocates treating drug addicts in two distinct steps.

The first step addresses the physical aspect of drug addiction while the other tries to find solutions to the emotional factor. As we know, prolonged exposure to harmful drugs leaves some toxins in our body. These chemical remnants make an addict crave for more drugs. The addict is made to go through strenuous exercises, meditation, swimming etc and along with having nourishing natural foods. After some time, the body learns to cope with unavailability of drugs and starts functioning normally.

The second step is a series of teaching therapies. People usually resort to drugs to escape from reality, responsibilities, loss of loved ones etc. It is this volatile mental state of the addict that the second step of drug rehab cures. One-on-one counselling, group activities and interaction with ex-addicts are part of this education package. These comprehensive rehabilitation measures have saved many lives which would have otherwise gone into the drain unloved and uncared for.



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