This article is to show new and advanced bloggers how to make money with a blog.

How do you start a blog?

This is not hard. There are over 15 million blogs in cyberspace as we speak so it can not be that hard.

How much does it cost to blog?

There are many free services that allow you to start building a blog such as Blogger and WordPress. I recommend using one of the free services to get a beginner idea and feel for blogging while playing around and moving things here and there to test. Now, if you are interested in making money with a blog, you will eventually need a self hosted account which is not that expensive usually around $9.99. This way, you look and have a more professional feel.

How to Get a Blogging Platform?

If you are just want to make some extra cash from your blog, try these options. But if you are really serious about eventually retiring from that horrible 9-5 job, I strongly recommend self-hosting your blog (We will get into this later..). –ย Blogger is my first choice to start out. It is so easy, a 10 year old can use it and actually understand it. Now, there are limitations to what you can and cannot do here because it is owned by Google. It is, however, Free. –ย This is completely free, not that hard to set up, you can customize many things but like blogger, there are limitations as well. –ย Same as WordPressย  com BUT this is where you get the self-hosting and your options are basically limitless. You are now free to roam around the cabin. lol.

Setting up a self-hosted blog

*skip this section if you are using any of the above methods*

I am sure you are serious enough to make money about blogging and are searching for the top way to arrange your blogs look and personality, then getting a self-hosted blog from WordPress org is your best option. WordPress is the number one choice for most bloggers. It does require a little work and does cost something:ย  domain name purchase ($10/year) blog hosting ($10/month).

A gigantic advantage is that you can use your own personal domain name.

Choose a Domain Name

1.ย  You should start by purchasing a domain name. GoDaddy is a great site to start. I would recommend going to for a .com rather than a .org. Most people today are more familiar with .com than anything else.

2. Choose a host for your blog

A web host is the site that you pay to keep all of your files in one place for your blog. Similar to a container holding onto your personal items in storage. There are many hosting companies out there. Choose wisely.

I recommend to go with larger companies who are more known for doing just this. They may be a bit more but at least you know you probably will not have a problem with them and getting in touch will not be hard if need be.

Affiliate Marketing and what it is

A great example of an affiliate marketer: There are millions of products. When you surf the net and see many photos and pictures of products, 9 out of 10 times, they are being sold and promoted through an affiliate marketer. Simply put, when someone clicks on that image, goes to the site where it is being sold, decides right then and there to purchase it, the affiliate marketer gets a commission for the sale. Sometimes it can be anywhere from $5.00 to $100.00 or even more. There are a thousands of Affiliate programs, Clickbank,ย  Commission Junction, and Markethealth.ย ย  MarketHealth by far is my favorite and has made me tons of money. Very easy to get going there.ย  (Click on the link above and get started)

Does it take to make money from a blog?

This depends on your dedication and how hungry you are.

When I first started out,ย  I knew nothing about blogging.ย  Zero.ย  I studied my butt off and searched all over the Internet for “help me do this” guides. Now days, things are easier to understand and there are tons of free blog tools and software to get you going. If you build it, they will come. But, if you build it and do nothing afterwards and sit on your butt expecting a parade of traffic to arrive, you will be very disappointed and they “will NOT come”.

Blogging involves work but can be very rewarding if you follow some simple tactics and apply them. In time, when your blog becomes more popular, that is when you start to see the money coming in. If you are expecting to make a million dollars overnight from day one of your new blog, stop reading here now. Remember, this is not the lottery.

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