Social media has become a prime way of finding jobs. Without engaging in networking, a person will have a hard time of finding a job or at least a job that fits their qualifications. LinkedIn is one of the best social media sites available today when it comes to using networking to find a new job. Many people, however, are not accessing its full potential.

The first thing to do would be to virtual roundtables obviously sign up for an account. There is really no hassle. Just enter your name, email address and a password. Then the site will ask what you are currently looking for, and you have the option of picking looking for work, employed, a business owner, working independently, or a student. Then all there is to do is enter the country and zip code you live in. The site will then ask to get contacts from your email address. Using this site will require bringing in as many contacts as possible.

After entering in every contact that you can think of at the time, the site will then give you the option of signing up for a basic or premium account. Basic is free and premium plans start at $24.95 a month.

Next, you need to develop a profile that will be full and paint a picture of who you are. Pictures are important in addition to entire educational background, interests, and anything that you do to contribute to the world. This will help people get an idea of whom you are, and in many ways it is like a resume that other people can pull up when they feel like it.

The main thing to focus on in LinkedIn is communicating with your first level contacts on a regular basis and building a reputation with them. This will lead to building second degree contacts. These are the people you want to get to because they are the ones you need to meet to find a new job. For example, a job opens that has connections to someone in your first level. You then simply ask the person in the first level about the job. However, a job opens that is related to a second level person, this requires having the person who links you introduce the two of you. Then you can build a relationship on your own and get to know more about job opportunities that this person offers.

This site is worth paying for. While the basic does let you search for jobs it does not let you connect with as many people a month or use the Talent Finder service. This service makes it possible for people to find you according to how you described yourself in your profile and what your qualifications are.

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