One of the biggest challenges that customer service reps face is getting information from the corporation in a timely way and getting it out the customers who may be upset about something. These days there are social networking solutions for most of the customer service problems that plague businesses. Do you think that social networking sites are only good for making friends? Think again. Social networking solutions offer a great way to connect with your customers and keep them informed.

For example let’s say that your customers are having trouble understanding one aspect of how your product works and your customer service reps are swamped trying to answer questions and explain how to properly use the product. Instead of wasting everyone’s time on phone calls customers can join your corporate social networking site and download a video of how to properly use the product. If the customer is still not satisfied the customer can connect with a customer service rep immediately using live chat or instant messaging instead of having to wait on hold to talk to a customer service rep on the phone.

Another way that social networking solutions can solve your customer service problems is by giving members exclusive deals and coupons. Customers Network Solutions always like getting a deal that no one else is getting so you can use the list of all the people that have registered for your social networking site as a mailing list to send out coupons, special offers and sale flyers. Your customers are getting added value that makes them feel like very special customers and you are getting repeat business from happy customers.

Social networking sites also will help cut down on the amount of customer service staff that you have because a social networking site makes it possible for one or two customer service reps to answer questions and help take care of many customers. A customer service rep can answer a customer’s question in one instant message while emailing another at the same time. Using social networking can increase efficiency and cut down on stress for your staff and your customers.

Social networking solutions for customer service problems aren’t going to the right answer for every business. But if you want your business to stay competitive as business and technology become more dependent on one another you need to be able to think outside the box and think about ways that you can use existing and popular technology applications to give you an edge in business.

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