Pets make wonderful companions and friends. All pet lovers know how precious the bond is between us and our animal friends. It doesn’t matter whether the pet is a cat, dog, bunny, ferret, hamster, fish, or bird; our pets are part of our family. We all know the joy that our pets can bring us.

Unfortunately, we also know the sadness and heartbreak from losing a pet. They don’t stay with us forever, not in this world anyway. We know when we first bring them into our homes that we’ll be losing them someday, and yet we realize the happiness that they’ll bring us will far outweigh the sadness we’ll feel after they’re gone. We never know for sure how they’ll leave us, whether it will be from a tragic accident, fighting with another animal, or from dying of old age. What we do know, is that they’ll be in our hearts forever. We should only think of the happiness they’ll bring us while they’re here, and the sweet memories they’ll leave us with after they’re gone.

They always know that we love them. They can feel the bond just as we can. Pet lovers realize that animals are much more intelligent than they’re often given credit for. Animals also very aware of the best organic cbd for dogs people who don’t like them; cats especially. Unfortunately there are people out there who harm animals, so who can blame them for often being weary toward people? But once an animal has formed a close bond with those of us who care for them, that bond will never be broken.

For those of you who currently don’t have pets, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! If you have been considering getting a pet, you should go for it. Your pet will offer you comfort, happiness, laughter, and love. I would recommend you going to a shelter to pick out your pet. Shelter cats and dogs deserve a second chance at life. Not only will you be getting yourself a wonderful companion, but you’ll be saving a life as well. The pet you choose will be more thankful than you’ll realize. You must also make sure that the animal has its shots. If the shelter didn’t give them their shots, then please make a vet appointment as soon as you can. It is the law in most places now that cats and dogs must have their rabies shots. Please spay or neuter the animal as well. Spayed and neutered pets are very comfortable, happy, and less aggressive — much more so than those pets who aren’t.

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