Income tax relief is a program created by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to assist willing tax payers in lowering the amount they owe in taxes, often times waiving or eliminating altogether their total owed to the government. This relief act is not a widely advertised program. The main reason, of course, is the fact that the IRS does not want people abusing this privilege, claiming hardship and inability to pay only because there is an option available that allows them to. Each person is reviewed on a case by case basis and is either confirmed or denied based on a number of factors including their net salary, their assets as well as other personal questions.

Meeting with a tax attorney or a tax accountant is a good place to start with your tax needs. These highly trained counselors are available to offer assistance and guidance concerning your income tax relief. Most online tax return filing services offer many options, not just relief from taxes. The norm for what these online tax relief companies provide is IRS wage garnishing advice, penalty abatement, innocent spouse and audit defense. Penalty abatement is a tax debt resolution process in which a tax debtor challenges interest and penalties for a designated length of time. The taxpayers may request penalty abatement on the basis of with an administrative waiver, such as bad advice from a tax practitioner, reasonable cause like a death in the family or an error on the part of the Internal Revenue Service. Wage garnishing is a process what is granted by an order of the court or by the government by which the Internal Revenue Service obtains part of the salary of the tax payer directly from an employer who is behind in payments to the government.

Income tax relief is a way for you get a small break during the stressful tax time. It is a way to encourage tax payers to not be negligent on the taxes that they owe by giving them a little break on the entire amount. The IRS appreciates people taking the initiative to contact them and inquire about the offered relief. You are approved or denied on a case by case basis. You may have a large portion of what you owe waived, or just a small amount depending on your current financial situation. Any way you look at it, when it concerns your taxes, any relief is a good relief!


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